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Recently, against my better judgement I started dating a friend of 3 years. I figured, he had made it pretty clear he liked me and was so kind that he'd be a perfect boyfriend. I was on a mini crusade for a perfect boyfriend, however I didn't actually consider my being attracted to him as a factor at all before I asked him out.

We're only 2 dates in, but I can tell there is nothing there. I've actually caught myself getting really annoyed and dismissive with him when he messages me to talk. And that's not fair to him at all.


I could give it a couple more dates, but I don't see my feelings changing. I love the friendship aspect of our relationship, but the feelings from my end are purely platonic. This was all a huge mistake (Gob style).

Now a guy I'm really interested in has asked me out and I'm kind of optimistic about it. But now I need to call it off with the friend and I am so so bad with the words.

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